Sensual couple sex

The rain is pattering against the windows. You lie snuggled up with your head on my chest and watch TV with me. I gently caress your narrow waist. Your left leg is bent on my knees. I give you a kiss on your head. Then you look up at me and search my mouth with your lips. We kiss deeply, at the same time you drive your knee over my crotch and massage it lightly.

Our kissing is becoming more and more demanding. You lie down on your back, I follow you, our lips don’t part for a second. I kneel over you now. I let go of you and approach your neck, gently spreading kisses on your soft skin, in between I gently suck on your neck, leaving light red marks. My kisses continue to wander between your breasts. I raise my head and grab your shoulders to straighten you up. Then I grab the hem of your top, pull it over your head and let it fall next to the bed.

You imitate me and take off my t-shirt, which then also lands on the floor. Then we press our mouths together again. At the same time I open your bra and free your breasts from their support. Two round plump breasts appear. I let you sink back into the pillows and devote myself to your breasts with my tongue. I drive around your stiff nipples, play with them, a soft sigh escapes your mouth. Then I continue to your stomach.

I carefully spread my kisses on your beautiful belly, run the tip of my tongue through your navel, massage your breasts with my hands. You enjoy my intensive treatment and breathe a little heavier. I step away from you and grab my hands around your waist to lift you up. Then I’ll undo the button on your trousers and take them off. Your black slip shows, it glitters slightly in the light. You seem to have really enjoyed the last few minutes.

I grab your panties and look into your eyes, you smile at me. I slowly pull the piece of fabric from your legs and let it fall next to me, then I quickly stand up and take off my last clothes. Meanwhile, you spread your legs and lie down on the pillows. I approach you again and kneel between your legs. I put my mouth on your sensitive pearl and suck on it, you moan.

Then I take my left index finger and run through your labia, carefully parting them and slowly penetrating you. Inside you I bend my finger in the direction of your stomach and caress you. Every time I run over your g-spot you moan loudly. Meanwhile, I run my tongue around the base of your lips. My licking and fingers is becoming more and more demanding for you, just before your orgasm I pull back and let you go.

You give me a slightly angry look and want me to continue. I come closer to your head again, kiss you and then turn to your neck again. I kiss your warm skin, then gently bite your neck. you sigh I kiss you on the mouth again and meanwhile put my hands around your neck. I gently press and kiss you deeply. You press your pelvis against my abdomen with excitement. I get off you

At the same moment you positioned yourself on the bed and knelt on all fours. You stretch out your beautiful ass towards me. I punch your left cheek. you wince A red handprint spreads across your skin. Then I kneel behind you. I put my glans on your lips and run through them. You press your abdomen against me and want me to penetrate. I slowly introduce it.

You moan softly. When I’m all the way in, I slowly start thrusting. I pick up my pace, the slapping of your ass against my pelvis getting louder and more frequent. The feeling inside you drives me crazy, not long and it comes to me. I stop and pull my cock out of you. You’re looking at me reproachfully again. I smile at you, hugging your hips and slapping you on your right cheek.

I pause for a moment and then put my cock back on and penetrate again. Your tightness is indescribable. I start thrusting. Your moans are loud again, but this time much more pleasurable than before. The sweat collects on your back. I grab my hand around your pelvis and feel your clitoris. Found. I rub your pearl lovingly while thrusting your pelvis. Your moans get louder and louder and suddenly you twitch wildly.

Your orgasm makes your hole tighter and tighter and makes me cum through it. You’re still twitching, your moans are so loud I’m sure the neighbors will ring again, but I don’t care. Then you sink into the pillow. I pull my cock out of you and lie down next to you and stroke your back. You slowly catch your breath and beam at me happily. I open your thighs and kneel between them.

I start to lick your lips and absorb your moisture. Incidentally, I touch your pearl. You start breathing heavily again. I put my finger on your lips again and penetrate. My licking gets wilder. I’ll soon be stroking your G-spot again with my finger. You moan. I increase my pace again. You buck, start twitching, and cum for the second time that night. I carefully let you fall into the pillows and slither between your legs, over your stomach to your head.

I look into your eyes and kiss you. You are still not satisfied and push your hips towards me again. I lean back, reach behind your knees, pull your legs up and drape them over my shoulders. Then I put my cock on your slightly swollen red labia and penetrate carefully. I slowly push it in, you can see from your face that you like it. I slowly start to push you, looking into your eyes the whole time.

I accelerate my movement, your breasts bounce with every thrust, you grab your breasts with your hand, with the other you go between your legs and rub your clitoris. My thrusting gets harder and harder, my pelvis slamming against your thighs, slapping with every touch. Your moans fit rhythmically into my thrusting. I can not anymore. I cum inside you a second time. At the same moment you start to twitch again and come to the third orgasm.

Your moisture runs down your thighs, your twitching becomes less. I bend over, lower your legs, bury myself in your neck and kiss your neck. You enjoy the closeness and my kisses until I let myself fall to the side and we fall asleep satisfied.

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