Dirty fuck with Erika

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For several years now, my wife has been going to Austria near Salzburg once or twice a year for the weekend. When we were quite young, we went on vacation there several times and discovered a cozy swingers’ club in a small town. We visited it a few times during our stay. A few years ago my wife once again felt like doing something without me and since then she just books a room 1-2 times a year in the same hotel and then visits the swingers club all weekend in the evening.

Of course she has a really good time there and also enjoys the time without fucking me. It’s a pity, but I’m happy to give her the pleasure. As a rule, she takes part in gangbangs there and offers herself to several men in a special room for unrestrained multiple fucks. Sometimes she also looks for a likeable man and then spends the weekend only with this “chosen one”. She then treats him like me and lets others fuck her in front of his eyes, but then spends her free time only with him.

Of course, she writes to me regularly the next day about her evenings and experiences, and I am delighted that she gets her money’s worth. Of course I don’t really get my money’s worth on these days, even though I like to imagine my wife being fucked by a group of men. But I still have my computer and the films at Xhamster with which I can make myself comfortable on my own. It was the same this Saturday afternoon.

My wife left around noon on Friday and arrived there in the course of the afternoon. Of course she was already in the swingers club that same evening and a few minutes ago she wrote me via WhatsApp what she had experienced on Friday evening. Of course, these stories had an effect on me and my cock had been at half-mast all morning. So at some point I undressed and made myself comfortable on my executive chair in front of the computer on the upper floor.

I was quickly logged in and looked at some of the newest hot films, which had been uploaded again since yesterday. Of course, I was always most interested in the areas of “cuckold” and “swingers”. When I was really in the mood and already comfortably jerking off, I was abruptly interrupted by the front doorbell. “Who is that now?” I thought annoyed. “Just don’t open it,” I muttered to myself. But then it rang a second time a little more energetically.

I quickly put on my bathrobe in the bathroom, went to the apartment door on the ground floor and peeked through the peephole. Our neighbor Erika was standing in front of the door. She was at most 1-2 years younger than me and not really my type. She was pretty slim on top, had short hair and all in all looked very tomboyish. However, she had a huge and plump ass, which I sometimes envied her husband for. We didn’t have much contact because she liked to control everything and everyone in the neighborhood.

She was very curious by nature. I carefully opened the door a crack so she wouldn’t immediately see that I was only wearing my bathrobe. “Hello Erika. It’s a little awkward at the moment. » I said embarrassed to her. «Yes, that doesn’t matter. I need to talk to you about our car in the garage. Do you have a moment for that?” ‘Yeah, well, if it’s only for a short time. But don’t be alarmed, I’m a bit unwell right now and I’m only wearing a bathrobe.

» I explained and there she was already standing in the hallway. “Ah yes,” she said and walked past me purposefully into the living room. I followed her carefully and checked the position of the knot on the bathrobe again. Erika had already sat down on the couch and looked at me in astonishment. “I guess I came at the wrong moment, were you just in the shower?” ‘No, something else, but not that important.

As I said, Erika doesn’t suit me very well at the moment. » She sat up briskly and gave me a critical look. «Not in the shower and only in a bathrobe. » she said thoughtfully. » «Erika, what I do is none of your business. » Erika was known for her curiosity and I hoped that she would leave me alone and not ask any more questions. So she started talking about the garage and her car.

I didn’t really listen to her and eventually sat down on the couch across from her. She talked and talked and didn’t want to stop when she suddenly yelled “Oops” and started to grin. I didn’t understand what was going on until she pointed between my legs and stared at me. “There’s something peeking out from under your bathrobe. » she said dryly. I hadn’t even noticed that my bathrobe had slipped and I was giving Erika a clear view of my shaved and still semi-rigid cock.

I hastily excused myself and covered myself again. «Excuse me Erika, I said yes, it doesn’t fit well at the moment. » I said soothingly and hoped she didn’t make a drama out of the situation. “Now you’ve made me even more curious about what you’re doing right now. » she said questioningly. “Erika, I don’t think I’m going to tell you that…” She quickly cut me off. ‘I want to know, now. » she said harshly and in a commanding tone that brooked no argument.

‘Very well, if you really want to know. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, my wife isn’t here. Because I’m pretty excited today, I just made myself comfortable upstairs in front of the computer and wanted to wave one off my palm. » «You see, it works. » said Erika satisfied. “Then surely you don’t mind if I watch you?” she asked me bluntly. I got a very dry throat and noticed how my cock immediately straightened up completely between my legs, so that it looked out from between the bathrobe.

“I take that as a yes. » said Erika. “Let’s go upstairs and show me what you’re doing. She quickly got up and climbed the stairs. I no longer understood the world and followed her upstairs. Without a word, I went to my office, took off my bathrobe under Erika’s gaze and sat down in my executive chair in front of the computer. Then I clicked on the play symbol on the PC and the film I had watched before started again.

Erika looked at the screen with interest. «Aha, you must like to watch movies where husbands offer their wives to other men to fuck. ” “Yes. I do that with my wife too, in case you didn’t already know. “Yes, I’ve noticed that she often has visitors when you’re not around. » she grinned cheekily at me. “You don’t just want to watch movies, do you? Didn’t you have plans for the palm tree or something?” she then asked and pointed to my stiff cock which was already twitching slightly «I don’t have to do much anymore.

I’m so charged and horny that if I touch it now, I’ll cum in a high arc. ” “If so. » Erika said briskly, bent down to me, put one hand skillfully around my balls and took my stiff and twitching cock in his hand with the other. Slowly she began rubbing up and down, simultaneously squeezing my balls. After just a few movements, my cock began to twitch and a pleasant feeling spread in my loins.

By skilfully pressing my balls, she delayed my orgasm for an indescribably long time until my sperm squirted out in a real fountain. Erika spurred me on and accidentally got some of the cream on her face. Completely exhausted, I collapsed into my chair. I had never experienced anything like this either. Erika got up satisfied and ran her finger over her cheek to absorb the few drops of semen. “You’re healthy enough, I take it?” she asked me.

«Er…yes, I and my wife are fine. With our special sex life, this is a must. » While I was answering, Erika put her finger in her mouth and licked off the drops with relish. «It tastes good and I want more. » she then said contentedly, but immediately switched back to a kind of commanding tone «See that you are fit again tonight. My husband is gone all weekend too and tonight I want to feel your sauce inside me.

‘ She turned on her heel and went down the stairs. I only heard the apartment door slam shut. Sometime in the evening the doorbell rang again. I politely invited Erika in. She had dressed up a bit. Wore a full skirt and a pretty blue blouse. She had also styled her short dark hair in a more modern style than usual with a little gel and she also wore pretty make-up. When I went back into the living room, Erika had already taken off her blouse and was about to strip off her skirt.

She had nothing underneath except a waist belt that fitted perfectly around her wide hips and a pair of black garter belts. “Well, are you ready again, can we start right away?” she asked cheekily, putting her hands on her hips and tapping her foot up and down. Somehow I started to like her bold and cheeky manner. “How would you like it?” I asked back cheekily. «First of all my cunt is licked.

My husband hasn’t baked it properly for a long time and now I want to see what you’ve got on there. » She turned and lay back on the couch. Then she spread her legs wide so I had a clear view of her pussy. The sight of her wild bush of black hair between her legs didn’t exactly turn me on. However, since she was already there and had asked me, I didn’t want to back down either.

I quickly undressed completely and Erika looked fascinated at my already semi-rigid cock. “I’m already looking forward to it. » she said in full anticipation and spread her labia apart with her hands. Her big clitoris stuck out like a little button. I knelt down in front of her and sank into the nice smelling bush of hair. Erika moaned happily when I ran my tongue over her wet clitoris. “Yes, keep it up, you’re doing really well,” she moaned softly.

After a short time, her movements became more and more violent, so that I had trouble keeping my tongue in the right place. Suddenly she cried out loudly and writhed in violent orgasm. Her whole body was shaking and I knew I could rely on my licking skills. She straightened up and immediately took my meanwhile stiff cock in her mouth. She slowly pursed her lips up and down and I could hardly contain myself.

But Erika noticed it early on, squeezed my balls with a strong and somewhat painful handle, so that my cock remained stiff but the sperm flowed back. After that she turned around and knelt on the couch. For the first time I could see her huge plump ass in all its glory. The black bush peeped out between the big cheeks like an invitation. «What are you waiting for, stick your cock in. I want to feel him.

» Erika asked me. I did as I was told and my cock actually found its way straight away between the many hairs in her wet cunt. “Wonderful” I moaned. ‘Didn’t promise you too much. Now let’s get started. I like it a little harder and stronger. » she commanded me. I didn’t let myself be told that twice either and started fucking like a savage. Erika’s special grip played out its effectiveness even now, because I could fuck in this position for a full 10 minutes without feeling it right away.

Erika was a real bitch. She clearly enjoyed it and screamed louder and louder and spurred me on with dirty words. I hoped the neighbors wouldn’t hear. Shortly before I was ready, Erika cried out loud again and moaned. I couldn’t hold it back anymore. Also with a loud scream I squirt her cunt full. Satisfied and satisfied, we both sank onto the couch. “But we’re not done yet.” Erika grinned at me quite out of breath.

“The night is still long. Your wife and my husband won’t be here until tomorrow evening. There is still a lot of time until then, so let’s enjoy it. » Erika snuggled comfortably against me. The night and the coming morning was the wildest thing I have ever experienced. We took turns doing it in every room in the house and at 3:00 a.m. only dared to go into the dark garden with only shoes on. Since we were already there and nobody was awake anyway, we also tried it in the neighboring garden and in a few house entrances.

We also did it briefly in the garage. Like little kids we sneaked naked from place to place and then fucked together for a few minutes. Erika just bent down and stretched out her huge ass to me when she wanted to be fucked again in one place. That was pretty exciting, because the fear of getting caught drove us into a real fuck frenzy. At some point we ended up back in my living room and ended our session completely in the early morning

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