Bachelor party! bride fuck me!

A beautiful Saturday morning, mid-October, the sun is surprisingly warm for this time of year, not a cloud in the sky, almost as if someone wants this hen party to be easy. Little Christina, well, she’s not that small either, stretches out in bed before the alarm clock has rung at 8, gets up and, still half dreamily, goes into the bathroom and takes a shower. While the water runs down her brown skin, she keeps going through the daily routine in her head: 10 a.m., meet with Melli, the bride in Spe, around 11 am check in at the hotel with the train to Munich, paintball at 2, dinner at the Donisl 6 and in the evening we go to Babylon to celebrate.

She washes her athletic body with lots of foam and soap, can’t resist the occasional moan as she fills her breasts, which fill one hand well. She takes her time for the rest of the routine, after all, there shouldn’t be any unwanted hairs where they don’t belong. After the shower she looks at herself in the mirror one more time, dark brown doe eyes, long black hair that curls slightly, one look down and a smile spreads across her face.

The little one is particularly proud of her ass, nice and big, firm and plump, a result of good genetics and a lot of work in the gym. “Well,” she thinks to herself, “it’s not helping at all and time is running out. “ Quickly dry your hair and off to the wardrobe, the outfit for the beginning is ready, the bag for later was packed yesterday. A small white thong together with the matching bra, light blue jeans that hug the skin and emphasize the curves, a red top with a tribal pattern and a black leather jacket, that’s enough for a start.

It’s already half past nine, let’s go to Melli. The schedule is quite tight. As expected, the other 4 girls, Tamara, 28 years old, a beauty with fiery red hair and green eyes and a stature like an Amazon, tall, fit and everything sits where it belongs. Sabrina is the smallest in our group and at 25 also the youngest, but she doesn’t need to hide behind anyone. Her angelic blonde locks and blue headlights, along with that cute little apple, are turning heads and I can’t say I’m immune to it.

Unfortunately, she has no interest in other women. What a waste. The last two, Carolin and Manuela, are twins, like me, 27 years old, a hand’s breadth taller than me, and both have beautiful deep blue eyes as well. It would be almost impossible to tell them apart if Carolin hadn’t dyed her once blonde hair black. Manuela continues to wear her natural color. Both are in the same handball club and play in the same team. After a short greeting, I give the girls the tops we designed, red with a tribal pattern, a small saying is printed on the back, and then Melli comes onto the terrace.

With wide eyes and open mouth she tries to understand the situation what we want here so early in the morning. When she sees our tops it starts to dawn on her. Her fiancé, Maxim, gives her a hug and a kiss, hands her a bag and her shoes and slams the door behind her with a grin. Tamara opens a bottle of sparkling wine, while she pours it, she says to Melli: “Come on, put on your shoes, you can put on your make-up in the hotel, our train is coming soon!” She gives each of us a glass, we toast, the amazement suits the bride still written on the face.

Go, go, go!!!” Sabrina urges us, “I don’t want to have to run, hurry up!” “Yeah, okay, you little whirlwind” begins Carolin, “So, everyone is ready? Then it starts. The train ride is unspectacular so far, we drink the first few shots to get in the mood, laugh, make jokes at the expense of poor, ignorant Melli, who had no idea. The poor girl was thrown out of the house in jogging pants and our common top and only knows that we are going to a hotel in Munich.

Even if she is completely without make-up, I can only describe her as one of the most beautiful women on earth. Long, blond hair, eyes like two stars reflected in the turquoise of the ocean, almost exactly my height of 1. 72m. She is very careful about her diet and spends almost as much time in the gym as I do, albeit in a different way. The breasts are big and firm and I just want to shove my face into them… I wake up from my daydreaming at that last thought and just hope no one caught me staring at them.

The journey continues, from the train station it is only a few minutes’ walk to the hotel, where we are greeted in a friendly manner and taken to our shared suite. A huge room like you only see in Hollywood movies, enough space for at least 20 people and today it’s all ours. As soon as she arrives, Melli jumps into the shower, straightens her hair and starts putting on her make-up. As she gets her bag, I catch a glimpse of her perfect body.

This ass is carved out of granite and I want to bite off a piece of it. I slap myself to bring myself back to reality, it’s almost 2 and we have to go to the paintball field. Six drunk chickens with more or less sharp weapons in their hands, who thought that was a good idea… after two hours in the field we are all pretty exhausted and covered with bruises all over.

Luckily we could borrow overalls for the time, so our clothes didn’t get colorful. A quick shower and then straight on to the restaurant. The Donisl is a beautiful old Bavarian restaurant on Marienplatz. We have a good time here, strengthen the body with a good piece of roast, the spirit with a mug of goiss. The conversations become more and more uninhibited and offensive, suddenly it’s about curves, length and thickness and where what goes.

I don’t have much experience with that and tend to stay out of the conversation until Melli says she’d like to put her whole hand between a woman’s legs. When Sabrina then said “Chrissi used to let Lisa fist her!” I almost choked on a potato and turned bright red. That stupid little piece, I told her that in private and now everyone’s staring at me.

Luckily they realize that I don’t want to talk about it and quickly change the subject and start raving about the club, moving on after a stopover in our suite. Only one of them looked at me longer than the others and her gaze spoke volumes. Well tipsy in the hotel we get dressed for the evening. Today I decided on a dark red with lace, in my opinion it just looks the prettiest.

In addition, black hot pants, a tight top that covers the most important thing, and knee-high boots. As previously agreed, the others wear about the same thing. We’re supposed to be recognizable as a group, and the Babylon is one of the best techno discotheques around, so you have to dress appropriately. A limousine picks us up and takes us to the club and here we spend the rest of the night until the early hours of the morning. We dance, keep drinking, enjoy ourselves.

It’s a wonderful evening, only the same looks as in the Donisl worry me, but I ignore them as best I can. Sometimes an ice cube gets lost, then there’s a smack on the bottom, 6 drunk girls who simply don’t think about anything and enjoy the evening. Around 5 we make our way back to the suite, our limousine is already waiting and takes us back. In the hotel, Manuela prepares three green cigarettes to go to sleep and we go to bed early after this long day.

Since there are only double beds, the twins share one, Sabrina and Tamara share another, Melli and I own the large king-size bed in the next room. Melli goes to the bathroom, I’ll go straight to bed and I’m dead tired, so put on my sleeping clothes and get under the warm, fluffy blanket. Melli comes staggering in shortly after and without a comment she lies closer to me in bed than I expected. I try not to react and just fall asleep.

Melli seems to be in dreamland already, at least that’s what she pretends to be when she turns to me and puts her hand on my chest. My heart starts racing immediately, I don’t know what to do and I just lie there. This beast is still pretending to be asleep and says I don’t notice her fingers moving on my chest. I pull myself together as best as I can, but then I can’t resist a soft moan.

She then opens her eyes with a nasty smile and only says, “I knew that you liked Christ. Your little black tits, I just had to touch them. “Who says I like that?” I try to get across seriously. “Your nipples, look how hard they are,” she strokes them with her fingers, another moan from me. “Melli, you’re drunk… and getting married…” She puts her hand on my mouth.

The bride is always right. I won’t say anything if you don’t say anything. ‘ Confused and uncertain, I didn’t know what to answer and let her carry on. Because of all the alcohol and the last few cigarettes, my judgment was completely gone and my body was too agitated to act rationally right now. Her hand slides from my mouth over my stomach down, runs through my nightgown back up, pulls it a bit far and only finds rest when she is back on my chest.

My body was glowing with excitement, hers was gently squeezing my chest, making me feel good. She straightened up slightly and came close to me with her head, with her mouth. Her gaze searched mine, I almost lost myself in the turquoise ocean I saw in front of me. She pressed her lips gently yet demandingly against mine, her tongue inviting me to a dance I didn’t refuse.

At the same time, her fingers began to draw circles over my nipple, large circles that gradually got tighter and tighter. Finally she put two of them tightly around the excited nipple, squeezed it, pulled it slightly and I groaned again. Her tongue grew wilder, but then she broke the kiss, bit my lip again, and smiled at me again. I didn’t want it to stop at first, but before I could say anything she spoke before me: “Don’t say anything, just enjoy!” She sat on me and slid further down, took my nightgown, pushed it up and pulled it over my head.

The twinkle in her eyes grew. “Do you like what you see?” I asked. Her answer wasn’t words, she bends down in a moment and picks up my breasts where she left off with my lips. Her lips feel cool against my skin, but her tongue on my nipples set off ripples that shot through me like electricity. I know she’s engaged, she’s the bride, we’re at her bachelorette party, it’s not right, but I don’t care.

She slowly slides down my stomach, kissing me everywhere along the way. She slides further back, sitting on my legs. She runs one hand over my red lace panties, noticing how soggy they are. She giggles slightly and I blush, I want to turn away but Melli doesn’t allow it. She pushes my legs apart to find better space, bends down with her upper body and gently runs her tongue over the fabric.

Startled, I wince slightly and still don’t believe what’s happening here. A few more kisses, touches with her hands, she pushes the thong aside. ‘Luckily I took a lot of time in the shower this morning’, I think to myself just before her tongue runs over my other lips and blasts every thought away like a storm. Short, small strokes, then slow, long movements again, sometimes deeper, then again only on the surface.

This variety keeps me at the top for a long time and ensures that I can’t let myself go. I have no idea how she got that, as far as I know she has never been in bed with a woman. She grabs my waist and pulls my thong down, slides it down my legs and throws it aside. ‘This is my favorite… ‘ I just think to myself, she puts her tongue back on straight away.

This time further up. She runs her tongue over my clit, getting closer and closer but not really touching it. This feeling of waiting almost drives me insane. I want to scream to her ‘touch me there, I can’t wait any longer’ but my mouth and tongue are unable to form words, only moans and sighs of incredible pleasure. This beast masquerading as an innocent angel presses her mouth against my hard pearl, slapping her tongue against it.

At the same moment I feel more. She penetrated my wet pussy with two fingers. She just lets them rest in me, doesn’t want to bring me to the climax yet. I only long for salvation, shake my cymbals in the hope of getting closer to her, but unfortunately it doesn’t help. She looks me in the eye and just shakes her head as if to say, “No, not yet. You only come when I want it.

After what felt like an eternity, she finally begins to move her fingers inside me and presses her lips against my clitoris again. I lose the last bit of control over my body and just moan to myself. Suddenly I feel more pressure inside me, she has added a third finger. A quick look from her into my eyes, she notices I like it and then she fucks me with three fingers in my pussy.

I reach for the duvet cover, trying to cling to it and find some kind of support when she pushes me with the fourth finger and rubs my clit with the other hand. I can hardly take it anymore, I want the longed-for orgasm, but then she takes one hand away and calmly leaves the other in me, slowly beginning to pull it out. Between my moans I try to say words, “No!”…. “Don’t stop!”….. “Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you made!

She forms all 5 fingers into a point in front of my eyes, slides back down and gently places them between my legs. In that moment I realize what she’s up to, but it’s too late, I can’t stop her anymore… I don’t want to stop her. With pressure, but also a lot of feeling, she begins to push the tip of her fingers into me. All five at the same time. Turns them slightly and quickly reaches the ankles.

I’m breathing heavily during this and my body is starting to sweat all over. She begins to increase the pressure further, a slight pain runs through my whole body, which disappears just as quickly and leaves a great feeling that I accompany with a very loud and long moan. More pressure from her, my rapid breathing turning to wild gasps. Suddenly, a huge bolt of lightning shoots through me, spreading from my abdomen to the rest of me.

She did it and her whole hand slipped in all at once, up to the wrist. That was definitely too much for me, I come like I haven’t in a long time, screaming my heart out. As the shaking subsides, I realize her hand is still inside me. She senses that I’m back and slowly begins to spread and move her fingers. The heat rising inside me again, she twists her hand slightly, moving it back and forth.

I reach for her, wanting to pull her out, whereupon she loosens my grip with her free hand and throws it aside. Melli, the dear little angel, is a devil at this moment and wants to finish me off. When she starts rubbing my clit with her other hand, I know she’s going to make it. I don’t know how much longer I can endure this, so I try to delay the next orgasm as long as possible, but that’s just too much for me.

I scream, bend over, shaking all over, screaming louder and louder, squirming, twisting, my pussy twitching, like my whole body, uncontrollably, but it won’t stop. She keeps fucking me with her whole fist, rubbing my clit with the other and I swear she’s laughing. It just doesn’t stop. She doesn’t stop. I come and scream and I don’t know how many times in a row or how long I’ve been like this, I just want it to stop.

Then the devil finally showed mercy on me and stopped rubbing, moving neither hand nor finger inside me. “Are you ready?” she asks me. I only get that marginally, very far away. It’s only when she begins to pull her hand that I come to and moan again, very loudly and for a long time. I try to push against it, but I have no feeling in my legs and my arms are unable to help.

I can feel my pussy opening wide again, it must be by the ankles again. With a lot of feeling she pulls and twists her fist out of me. This moment, this relief, was so incredible, but it didn’t last long. Immediately afterwards she snaps her head between my legs and runs her tongue over my open, battered cunt and licks up every drop. It was just overwhelming and I was too sensitive, I tried to scream out but only screams of pleasure came out.

It wasn’t long before I flinched again, trying to beg her to stop but she wouldn’t. She wanted to finish me off and she did it with that final exit. My head was gone, my senses no longer reacted, only in the far distance I felt something like warm hands wrapped around my head and a quiet “thank you”.

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